Where is my PSA certificate?

This page is dedicated to keep you up to date on the status of your ordered PSA birth certificate, PSA marriage certificate, PSA death certificate, or Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR). We value your time and would like to be transparent on when you can expect for our courier to be at your doorstep with your ordered documents.

You can check the status of your order by simply typing your order’s Reference Number on the space below; click on the Check Status button to begin your search.

To track your PSA certificate order, just enter your 10-digit reference number below:

Order Status:

  1. Your order is waiting for payment
    This means that your order was successfully accepted by the system and will be processed as soon as your payment posts. To see the list of available payment channels, please click here.
  2. Your order is already paid
    Thank you. We are currently processing your order.
  3. Your order was already released at the PSA
    Your order will be dispatched to our courier and you will be notified as soon as it is on the way.
  4. Your order is out for delivery
    Your PSA certificate/s are now dispatched to our couriers and will be delivered to your address. Please prepare your ID/s as the courier will request to see this before your order is released to you. You may view the delivery progress by clicking on the provided tracking link.
  5. Your order was delivered
    This means that your order has been delivered to your address and was successfully received.

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